Custom Retaining Walls Solutions

Melding design and function, we bring your unique visions to life with precision, creating retaining walls that are functional and aesthetic masterpieces.


Every space, whether a personal residence or a commercial enclave, tells its own story. Like fingerprints, no two rooms are identical. That’s why the essence of a space should be complemented with designs that accentuate its unique character. In the world of retaining walls, this translates to customization – creating solutions that don’t just fit but belong.

Key Benefits of Custom Retaining Walls


Your Dream, Our Blueprint. Let's Craft Something Unique.

Every space has its story, which deserves to be told beautifully. Whether you have a vivid picture in mind or just the beginnings of an idea, Blue Ridge is here to turn your dream into a tangible masterpiece. Our dedication to bespoke designs ensures that your retaining wall stands out and is the test of time.



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Brian T. Thornton Murfreesboro, TN

I've worked with Mike Smith and Blue Ridge Contracting for seven years and wish I had 100 contractors like him. His work is always first-rate, on time and at or below budget. Mike is a real innovator in the segmental retaining wall business--he built the first VERSA-LOK Mosaic wall in Tennessee--and he'll take on any project no matter how large. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Blue Ridge Contracting into any project because I know they'll do me right.

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G. Elrod Hendersonville, TN

After interviewing three different companies for our retaining wall at our home, the estimates were all over the board. Once my wife and I met Mike, we knew he would be our choice for our project regardless of his price. To our surprise, Blue Ridge was not only our favorite, but their solution beat everyone else's price.

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G. Elrod Hendersonville, TN

Once Mike commenced work on our wall and backyard, we made weekly changes that could potentially annoy and frustrate any contractor. However, Mike and Blue Ridge took everything in stride and always worked to accommodate our wishes.


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