Professional Paver & Permeable Paver Installation

Transforming outdoor spaces isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about choosing sustainable solutions that stand the test of time. Pavers, especially permeable pavers, offer homeowners a unique blend of beauty, functionality, and environmental consciousness. 


Blue Ridge Contracting, Inc., with its years of industry expertise, stands at the forefront of delivering impeccable paver installations. Our dedicated approach ensures an eye-catching finish and a robust foundation that enhances your property’s appeal and value.


Why Choose Blue Ridge Contracting, Inc.?

Blue Ridge Contracting, Inc. is known for doing a great job with permeable paver installations. They have a team of experienced workers who ensure every job is done perfectly. They only use the best materials, ensuring everything looks good and lasts long. They also listen to homeowners' wants, creating suitable designs for each person. Plus, their prices are transparent and fair. Many homeowners have said great things about their work, showing they do a fantastic job every time.



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Brian T. Thornton Murfreesboro, TN

I've worked with Mike Smith and Blue Ridge Contracting for seven years and wish I had 100 contractors like him. His work is always first-rate, on time and at or below budget. Mike is a real innovator in the segmental retaining wall business--he built the first VERSA-LOK Mosaic wall in Tennessee--and he'll take on any project no matter how large. I wouldn't hesitate to bring Blue Ridge Contracting into any project because I know they'll do me right.

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G. Elrod Hendersonville, TN

After interviewing three different companies for our retaining wall at our home, the estimates were all over the board. Once my wife and I met Mike, we knew he would be our choice for our project regardless of his price. To our surprise, Blue Ridge was not only our favorite, but their solution beat everyone else's price.

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G. Elrod Hendersonville, TN

Once Mike commenced work on our wall and backyard, we made weekly changes that could potentially annoy and frustrate any contractor. However, Mike and Blue Ridge took everything in stride and always worked to accommodate our wishes.


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